Hi everyone and thanks for taking the time to visit my website.

My name is Ralph and I'm a 33 year old guy from Carnoustie, Scotland.

Currently, I am working as a PHP Developer for a Local Government Authority and have been there since graduating from University with a First Class Honours Degree in 2007.

In my spare time I enjoy golf and going to the gym as well as the occasional bet on the football!

I've also developed a number of websites. Details and links to these are below. Please feel free to take the time to have a look around them.

If for whatever reason you would like to get in contact with me, please email me at ralph@ralphwardlaw.co.uk, or contact me on Twitter @RalphWardlaw.

Thanks, Ralph


Click the PDF logo to view a copy of my CV.

Golf Pervs

Golf Pervs is an application I developed to aid golfers record statistical information from their games of golf.

There are two main versions of the app: a standard web site and a special iPhone optimised mobile version.

Find Golf Pervs here: www.golfpervs.co.uk.

Caledonia Golf Club

My most recent bit of work is the development of the website for my golf club.

The Bootstrap framework has been utilised to develop a mobile and tablet friendly site.

The site itself is static, but there are plans to build a CMS onto the back of it.

Check out the site here: www.carnoustiecaledonia.co.uk.

Beat the Bookie

Beat the Bookie is a gambling site I have developed to help analyse football form in order to help predict the results of games.

The site scrapes the results of recent games from the BBC website before inputting them into my database.

From there, form is analysed and a prediction is made for some games.

I used the datatables plug in to allow the user more flexibility when viewing the information.

Unfortunately the site is yet to turn me into a millionaire!!

Find Beat the Bookie here: www.ralphwardlaw.co.uk/beatthebookie.

Motiv8 Driving

Motiv8 Driving is a website I developed for a friend of mine.

I created my own CMS which allows the user to update the content of the site without any involvement from myself.

Also, by using the Bootstrap framework, the site renders perfectly on all devices.

Check out the site here: www.motiv8driving.co.uk.